Blue Star Contemporary is delighted to announce its 27th annual Red Dot on May 17, 2017. Red Dot supports San Antonio’s artists and its longest-running venue for contemporary art. It introduces emerging and established artists to collectors by fostering relationships, cultivating the arts community, and enriching the creative economy.

We hope you will join us for a spectacular evening of art, friends, and cocktails on May 17th as we strengthen San Antonio’s artistic community, and support BSC’s mission to inspire, nurture, and innovate through contemporary art.

Red Dot 2016 Sponsors

Muy Chamoy: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Liberto and Family, & Ricos Products Co., Inc.

Strawberry: Capital Group; Valero Energy Foundation

Tamarindo: Argo Group; H-E-B; Christopher C. Hill & The Esquire Tavern; Guillermo Nicolas & Jim Foster

Rainbow: C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.; Frost; Monticello Wealth Management LLC; Catriona Morrison; Neiman Marcus; Silver Eagle Distributors; Pat & Bud Smothers

Sal y Limón: Gaudi—Akhil/Carson; Ann Griffith Ash; Kim & Tony Bartys; Ms. Norma Bodevin & Dr. Raul Yordan; The Brundage Family; Tommy Calvert, Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 4; Cavender Audi; Sonya Dawson; Lori & Joel Dunlap; Katy & Ted Flato; Luther King Capital Management; The Scout Guide/Francie Mannix; Rachel Mauldin; Abbie & Michael Mayo; Northwestern Mutual/Eric Kala; Lyn & Pete Selig

Coconut: Cinnabar; Lauren and Jay Bullock; Felder Gallery; Angelika Jansen & Bob Brown; Magdalena & Raul Gaona, Jr.; Sara and Jeremy Jessop; Drs. Gemma Kennedy & Bradley Kayser; Lisabella’s; The John and Florence Newman Foundation; Paul Martin/Martin Capital; Tim Seeliger & Brad Parman; Luisa Wheeler & Robert Price; Robey Architecture; Libby Tilley

Collectors: Carolyn & Hal Adams, John Bloodsworth, Mike Casey, Pierre Emond, Houston Frost, Sebastian Guajardo & Xavier Urrutia, Stacey Hill & Erick Schlather, Lauren Kate & Peter Holt, Margaret & Bill Kanyusik, Chris & Karen Karcher, Mike McClain, Laura & Lew Moorman, Melissa & Kelton Morgan, Jody & Steve Newman, Guillermo Nicolas & Jim Foster, Cameron Ryan Redding, Ryan Rue & Eric McCormick, Penelope Speier & Sonny Collins, Annie & Juan Carlos Suarez, Anna & Todd Wolfe

Special thanks to Ruiz-Healy Art; Frost Bank Volunteers; Lee Anthony & J. Travis Capps, Jr.; Erika Ivanyi & Matthias Schubnell; Hornberger Fuller Garza; Capital Group