• Local artist Andy Benavides leading a screen printing activity
  • Local artist Andy Benavides leading a screen printing activity
  • Local artist Andy Benavides leading a screen printing activity
  • Family Day 2015
  • Family Day 2015
  • Family Day 2015
  • Family Day 2015
  • Family Day 2015
  • Family Day 2015

Community Day: Explore Public Art

Families and kids of all ages are invited to attend Blue Star's Community Day events.

This event focuses on our current exhibitions and brings together local artists and community organizations to offer creative activities. Works on view become the inspiration for art making and kids learn how to look at and understand contemporary art better through fun activities.

These events are free and open to the public and visitors enjoy complimentary food and refreshments,


November 5th, 2016 | 12-5 PM

Hands-on Activities for All Ages Happening All Day

  • Guided exhibition tours led every hour starting at 12:30 PM
  • Raul Ortega Ayala's Draw and Imaginary Flower
  • Drawing Jam with Juan Zavala Castro and MOSAIC Students
  • Blue Star Contemporary's 30-year Timeline

Scheduled Activities

12-1:00 PMFlexible Foundation with Leigh Anne Lester

12-1:00 PMNegative Shapes with Julia Barbosa Landois

1:30-2:30 PM My Favorite Thing with Emily Fleisher

1:30-3:30 PM – Daniela Edburg's Moss Making Crochet Circle

3-4:30 PMThreaded Lines with Doerte Weber inspired by Gabriel Dawe's Plexus c18 installation at the San Antonio International Airport.

Flexible Foundation with Leigh Anne Lester, Middle Gallery:

Drawing and collage using drafting film, colored pencil, plants, and scissors inspired by Leigh Anne’s exhibition currently on view in Gallery 4. Leigh Anne is an alum of BSC’s Berlin Residency Program.

Negative Shapes with Julia Barbosa Landois, Art Education Learning Lab:

Create an abstract drawing, painting, or collage using negative space. Reuse the previous participants' cut-out shapes as stencils or glue them down to make an artwork that is collaborative. Your leftovers contribute to everyone else’s works. Julia is a recent alum of BCS’s Berlin Residency Program and has an exhibition upcoming in the Spring.

Raul Ortega Ayala’s Draw an Imaginary Flower, Main Gallery

Using Raul’s piece The Scent on an Imaginary Flower from the Reclaimed by Nature exhibition, after smelling the infused card draw what you think a flower with this aroma might look like.

Drawing Jam with MOSAIC students, MOSAIC studio

Become a part of the group with this collaborative drawing activity. See what comes out of the synergy of a shared space. Blue Star Contemporary’s MOSAIC Student Artist Program is an after school studio art program for high schoolers.

Timeline, Art Education Learning Lab

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary when invite you to contribute your memorable experiences at BSC to our timeline.

My Favorite Thing with Emily Fleisher, Art Education Learning Lab

Use cotton fabric and fabric markers to make soft sculptures. On the front and back of a piece of fabric, you will draw your favorite thing, fill it with stuffing and glue the object closed. Emily Fleisher is Blue Star Contemporary’s Artist-in-Community for the Creative Classrooms program.

Daniela Edburg’s Moss making Crochet Circle, Middle Gallery:

For moss to grow it doesn't need deep roots, it only needs the right conditions to prosper. It absorbs the water it needs directly from the environment and when there is none it dries up and waits patiently until the conditions allow it to continue its life cycle and be green again. It travels, it adapts, it appears in the most unexpected places. Crochet yarn to look like Daniela’s moss samples and photographs in the Reclaimed by Nature exhibition. As the moss grows in the sessions the Moss makes establish their own connections, crocheting being a contemplative activity fueled by conversation. Become part of Daniela’s Moss maker Family!

Threaded Lines with Doerte Weber inspired by Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus c18 installation, Art Education Learning Lab

With pre-cut gator board of different shapes, you will create a frame using pins and a design that become three-dimensional line drawings using thread and yarn. Doerte Weber is a local artist who works primarily in weaving, often using recycled materials. Gabriel Dawe’s new installation at the San Antonio International Airport is a Collaborative Partnership between Blue Star Contemporary, the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture’s Public Art San Antonio division and San Antonio International Airport. It is a site-specific public art installation that uses approximately 90 miles of colored thread hooked from wall to ceiling. Plexus c18 is composed of more than 19 colors—creating a prism-like effect that represents the full spectrum of visible light. The art installation will be on view thru October 2019.

  • Classroom visit

Creative Classrooms

Blue Star Contemporary's Creative Classrooms brings art to you! Each school year a local artist is selected as our Artist-in-Community and takes on the task of translating his or her studio practice to hands-on activities. These activities encourage creative, critical, and exploratory thinking while introducing students to contemporary art.

Blue Star's Artist-in-Community will work with students on a 6-week project, visiting the class once a week. All materials are provided and this program is FREE to bring to your classroom!

This year our Artist-in-Community, Emily Fleisher brings art to Bowden Elementary's second-grade classrooms.

If you are interested in Creative Classrooms partnering with your school in the future contact, please contact Exhibitions and Programs Manager, Jack McGilvray at jack@bluestarart.org.