Unreliable Narrator

Opening Reception

Thursday, Apr 2, 2009
6:00 - 8:00 pm


Apr 2, 2009 - Jun 14, 2009


Project Space


My work thrives on tensions generated by the interplay of characteristics often understood as opposites; figure/field, abstract/representational, present/past; organic/geometric.  Rather than existing in simple opposition to each other, these aspects enjoy a complex relationship where difference and relatedness coexist in a state of constant flux. 

In the studio, the simple act of bumping one square of imagery next to another yields complex results; some shapes, lines, colors and textures flow from one tile into the next, while others maintain their difference to the neighboring ones.  Using square tiles of imagery allows for a maximum of compositional opportunities as I break down the identity of the source images and construct a new image.  The construction of a piece involves thousands of decisions calibrating this complex interplay and the overall image produced. I am attempting to paint fluidly and lyrically although the underlying structure is a geometric grid.


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